Friday, April 3, 2009

Smooth Away, does it REALLY work?

There are many things "as seen on TV" that can be impulsively purchased at women's shows or drugstores, so it should come as no surprise that Smooth Away was present at the Seattle Northwest Women's Show.

After a couple of women at our Party Gals booth decided to have a small body part "smooth-ed" I went to give it a whirl. I had been deliberately waiting to shave my legs and the growth was impressive. When she briskly circled my inner calve with the large pad, the hair disappeared! I was sold, two for $25! (what a rip off, you can get two for $14.95 online...)

So later that night, I did just as the directions instructed.... I used the large pad for my legs and moved in two different circular motions to exfoliate and remove unwanted hair. I didn't put too much pressure, and I made sure my legs were clean, dry and without lotions or oils.

It didn't hurt, but there was a certain raw sensation that I figured would go away after a a few hours while my freshly exfoliated skin renewed itself.

The next morning, my legs were still feeling raw. And like any glutton for punishment I tried the Smooth Away on my underarms. Yikes!! My much more sensitive skin was irritated to say the least! I had raw, red spots under my arms for two days.

My legs still have not fully returned to their normally soft, (I did the skin removal about 6 days ago) although hairy state. I cannot recommend this product to anyone, unless your hair is ultra fine.... then perhaps the few times the pads would have to graze your skin to remove the hair, would cause little damage.

I knew that it must be too good to be true, afterall, it is an ultrafine sandpaper pad... duh! But, any possibility to not have to buy razors again was worth the pain. My pain, your choice... choose wisely.

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