Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Keep Your Skirt On! a collection of shorts by Starshine Roshell

It looks retro and cute, but don't let it fool you! The stories inside are modern, sometimes harsh, but always refreshingly honest, charming, and entertaining.
This book is a great one to store beside the bed, bath tub, or in the loo. Perfect short stories to read when you have a "minute" to yourself.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Starshine at my own book signing in Santa Barbara, which I was delighted to see was Chapter One, Pole Positions.

Her strangely precise descriptions of events and things are what I enjoy most while feeling as though I am reading her diary. Her stories are inspired by current events, but always come back to her attitude towards them, or should I say, her discoveries about herself because of them.

For example, the chapters entitled Sex Drive? and Here's The Buzz, both typical situations a mom might find herself in, but the time Starshine spent contemplating and documenting it makes our own experiences seem more profound. Like we had those epiphanies too, but just hadn't realized how special they were.

Thanks Starshine, for reminding me of the daily blessings and extraordinary common things that come my way.

Listen to our radio interview with Starshine here.

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