Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Eminem's new video-We Made You!

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This video is hysterical! It's an entertaining depiction of all the fabulous people we love to gossip about. Everything from the Jessica Simpson fat attack, to Sarah Palin and Lindsay Lohan.

I am not much of of rap fan, but love Eminem's work. It's nice to see him back!

What do you think?

Friday, April 3, 2009

Smooth Away, does it REALLY work?

There are many things "as seen on TV" that can be impulsively purchased at women's shows or drugstores, so it should come as no surprise that Smooth Away was present at the Seattle Northwest Women's Show.

After a couple of women at our Party Gals booth decided to have a small body part "smooth-ed" I went to give it a whirl. I had been deliberately waiting to shave my legs and the growth was impressive. When she briskly circled my inner calve with the large pad, the hair disappeared! I was sold, two for $25! (what a rip off, you can get two for $14.95 online...)

So later that night, I did just as the directions instructed.... I used the large pad for my legs and moved in two different circular motions to exfoliate and remove unwanted hair. I didn't put too much pressure, and I made sure my legs were clean, dry and without lotions or oils.

It didn't hurt, but there was a certain raw sensation that I figured would go away after a a few hours while my freshly exfoliated skin renewed itself.

The next morning, my legs were still feeling raw. And like any glutton for punishment I tried the Smooth Away on my underarms. Yikes!! My much more sensitive skin was irritated to say the least! I had raw, red spots under my arms for two days.

My legs still have not fully returned to their normally soft, (I did the skin removal about 6 days ago) although hairy state. I cannot recommend this product to anyone, unless your hair is ultra fine.... then perhaps the few times the pads would have to graze your skin to remove the hair, would cause little damage.

I knew that it must be too good to be true, afterall, it is an ultrafine sandpaper pad... duh! But, any possibility to not have to buy razors again was worth the pain. My pain, your choice... choose wisely.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Keep Your Skirt On! a collection of shorts by Starshine Roshell

It looks retro and cute, but don't let it fool you! The stories inside are modern, sometimes harsh, but always refreshingly honest, charming, and entertaining.
This book is a great one to store beside the bed, bath tub, or in the loo. Perfect short stories to read when you have a "minute" to yourself.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Starshine at my own book signing in Santa Barbara, which I was delighted to see was Chapter One, Pole Positions.

Her strangely precise descriptions of events and things are what I enjoy most while feeling as though I am reading her diary. Her stories are inspired by current events, but always come back to her attitude towards them, or should I say, her discoveries about herself because of them.

For example, the chapters entitled Sex Drive? and Here's The Buzz, both typical situations a mom might find herself in, but the time Starshine spent contemplating and documenting it makes our own experiences seem more profound. Like we had those epiphanies too, but just hadn't realized how special they were.

Thanks Starshine, for reminding me of the daily blessings and extraordinary common things that come my way.

Listen to our radio interview with Starshine here.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Bringing out your inner Stripper with tassels, pasties, and a whole lot more!

Valentine's Day brings out the frisky kitten in all of us, so why not get a little help from the experts on how to spice up your special day with sexy tricks to creating your Burlesque alter ego!

As the Author of the Housewife's Guide to the Practical Striptease, I have to share my lap dance basics, since it's the best day of the year to spring a surprise lap dance on your lover! You can get my full 12 week pole dancing and striptease program for FREE when you sign up at PartyGalPole.com. 12 weeks of emails will be delivered to your inbox, most with video tutorials, so go ahead, toss your mop and gloves aside, you're about to get naked!

Pick up some sexy red tassels for your erotic dance at PartyGals.com and have an instant pin-up girl look when you add it to a red feather boa, top hat, or long satin gloves! (or wear all four together!)

Need a little something to wear your emotions on your... uh, chest? Good Gals, Inc has several styles of matching pasties and panties set to give your wardrobe, or lack thereof, a boost!

Whether you're a Bride-to-be or just feeling frisky, you can shake your money-makers in style with these festive pasties and matching g-string panty sets!

We're interviewing the Good Gal herself, Kirby Stewart to see how see came up with her sassy business, and how she manages it!

Listen and talk live this Friday the 13th to get all the juicy details!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Demi Moorie gets leeched for beauty?

Star Magazine reports that among Demi's beauty secrets is the process leeching! According to the website she was "twittering" about it. I was more excited to see that you can watch Demi Moore's Twitter page than the idea of Leeching! Check out Demi's Twitter page!

Christian Bale goes ballistic on set and drops the "F" bomb about a million times-Check out TMZ!

Wow, I've heard of primadonna's on set and demanding actors, but what the F*@!? :) When I listened to this audio clip on TMZ, I was disgusted and confused. I know Christian Bale is no saint, afterall, he was accused of beating his mom and wife last summer. But, who knew that someone in the public eye would go off like a spoiled child during a movie shoot, duh! The cameras and sound are rolling! You have to listen to the clip!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Seven Pounds, Marley and Me, and other movies we love.

Holiday movies are making us cry! Don't go out without a tissue box!

Seven pounds is getting a lot of Oscar buzz, and so is Will Smith for his leading role. Without totally ruining the movie going experience for you, as much of this movie is figuring out what the story is... Will Smith plays a troubled man who is devastated by the death of his fiance and others during a car crash in which he was driving, and was the sole survivor. His guilt creates a need for him to repent for his sins, and in the process he finds some personal challenges in finishing his mission. A great movie that leaves you feeling strangely inspired and totally devastated.

Marley and Me is another tear jerker, of the worst kind! The entire theatre was sobbing.... SOBBING! For anyone who has ever loved a dog, and especially those who have ever lost one, will be completely engrossed. Marley will steal your heart, and you'll take a walk down memory lane with the funny puppyhood stories, watching their family grow, and of course saying good-bye to man's best friend.
I personally couldn't stop from criticizing Jennifer Aniston, for her obvious beauty treatments. She's starting to look like an over injected suburban mom. C'mon ladies, grow old gracefully, at least we'll recognize you in pictures. I would love to give her a few pole dancing lessons. Then maybe she'll see herself for the beautiful woman she is.

Milk is the story of Harvey Milk, the first gay man to be elected into City Council who was assassinated shortly after. It is a much needed look into the gay community at a time when Gay Rights are being questioned here in the state of California. I loved the film, and wish it had made an earlier debut to have potentially influenced the minds of voters prior to the decision making day.